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Cloud is essential to your business strategy.

A cloud migration is when a company moves some or all of its data center capabilities into the cloud, usually to run on the cloud-based infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider such as AWS and Azure.

We Minimize disruption during cloud migration and prevent delays.

Cloud Data Migration Execution

The main challenge here is how to carry out your migration with minimal disruption to normal operation, at the lowest cost, and over the shortest period of time. If your data becomes inaccessible to users during a migration, you risk impacting your business operations.

Program Management

Program Management is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization's performance. It is often closely related to systems engineering, industrial engineering, change management, and business transformation.

Program Management is More Strategic

It mainly works on grouping together related projects as a program, and using specific management techniques, knowledge and skills to manage the program.

Program management may provide a layer above the management of projects.

Product Engineering

Product engineering refers to the process of designing and developing a device, assembly, or system such that it be produced as an item for sale through some production manufacturing process. Product engineering usually entails activity dealing with issues of cost, producibility, quality, performance, reliability, serviceability, intended lifespan and user features.

The term encompasses developing the concept of the product and the design and development of its mechanical, electronics and software components.

Role of Product Engineering in Modern Technology

The expertise of Product engineering service (PES) providers like ConnectedX, who are helping technology-intensive companies across various industries to hit the bull’s-eye each time when it comes to leveraging new technologies to build outstanding products.

Analytics, BI & Reporting

BI reporting helps enterprises by offering a critical decision support system with rich data visualization, which assists the executive management in data analysis and data mining. It runs against all enterprise resource planning data sources and data warehouses. BI reporting enables users to make smarter business decisions by providing them with a comprehensive set of reporting capabilities and access to the information they need in optimum time with graspable visual representations.

Analytics, BI & Reporting capabilities

(1) Analysis, design, and development of complete BI reporting and analytics solutions (2) BI reporting solution performance optimization and Metadata management (3) Building dynamic, ad hoc reporting solutions (4) Dashboard data visualization, scorecards, KPI-based reports, and technical design and development.

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